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Domination / Pantyhose Supremacy - Mistress Sidney - Delicious
« Reply on: Today at 11:29:03 »
Pantyhose Supremacy - Mistress Sidney - Delicious

Mistress Sidney subjects slave Spartacus to 40 minutes of sexual charged servitude so She will be able to gush through Her pantyhose onto his face. He provides tongue service front and back and then is a human bench for his Goddess as She sits on puts on a sexy pair of hose. He is ordered into a pair and She makes it very difficult for him to concentrate on putting them on. His cock and balls get a severe kicking and then She squats over his face and touches the vibrating wand to Her clit. A shower ensues as he stares up at Her pantyhose covered crotch. She has him suck it all from the nylon and then subjects his cock to pleasure and pain before stuffing it back down his pantyhose and walking away.
Slave Spartacus knees, his head on a pair of pantyhose, and waits for Mistress Sidney. She strolls in clad in a latex jumper and black heels and takes command. She verbally him and beats him a bit with the leather strap before kicking his exposed balls. She bends and orders tongue service. The kneeling slave licks Her ass clean from behind and then She turns and orders him to tongue Her clit so She can gush on his face in just a bit.

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Queens of Kink - Gloved Hand Over Mouth Punishment.

Somebody is in a bad position! It is never a good idea to piss us Ladies off... Now the slave has been trapped by our male assistant and cannot escape his obession and punishment. LEATHER GLOVES are so irresistable to him yet they can also literally take his breath away. No way will he be able to catch a breath with our gloved hands over his mouth, smothering him until he understand who is boss.

Starring Fetish Liza and Goddess Maya Liyer

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Torture / MB016 - Gina and the RigidStock
« Reply on: Today at 13:46:30 »
MB016 - Gina and the RigidStock

Yes, it's the wonderful bondage girl Gina from! Gina may be the cutest bondage veteran around! However, she has never been in a RigidStock (she does own a custom size RigidFiddle though). Can this little bondage expert escape this device?

Model(s): Gina
Gear: Ballgag - Leather Strap, RigidStock TL

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Spanking / The Harlot House - Date Night Discipline
« Reply on: Today at 15:02:46 »
The Harlot House - Date Night Discipline

You have brought Misty back to her home from a date, but you're over an hour late! Her step-Mom, Dacey, is very upset with Misty! She takes Misty over her knee and gives her a good spanking with her hand and then a hairbrush, right in front of you! Misty looks at you with embarrassment as she is spanked. You try to leave but Dacey tells you to stay, because you should have to watch what happens when Misty comes home after curfew! Misty tries to be brave but the pain is too much and she tells her step-Mother that she wanted to come home on time but it was all your fault! You just laughed at her and told her it wasn't a big deal if you guys were a little late. Misty's step-mother looks up at you and scolds you, you are going to next! You need discipline to teach you some respect! It's clear you've been coddled, but as Misty's new boyfriend, that won't fly around here. When Dacey finishes with Misty she takes you over her knee and spanks you with ONLY the hairbrush, like you deserve! Misty stands with her butt facing you during his spanking. Davey expects to never deal with such disrespectful behavior next time. You can leave now, Misty's punishment is just getting started! Misty is embarrassed beyond belief, her face as red as her butt!

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Spanking / Cara: Strapped for Disrupting Class
« Reply on: Today at 16:23:28 »
Cara: Strapped for Disrupting Class

Cara is in time out with her panties down waiting for Miss Betty to return to strap her bare bottom for disrupting class. When Betty arrives she applies the tawse to Cara's bare bottom until it is bruised and sore.

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Torture / Summer Enslaved and Invaded - Summer Rae
« Reply on: Today at 16:27:28 »
Summer Enslaved and Invaded - Summer Rae

Summer gives off a warm and sensual vibe...submissive and cute, she enjoys a bit of teasing...We dress her up in lingerie to pose...then tied to the c hair, I dare her to get away...the ropes are secure and Summer begins to drool as she struggles...I strip her down and tie her to our big red chair...she is thoroughly roped into position to receive the magic wand...I love watching women struggle through multiple orgasms...unless she calls red, she cant move her pussy away from the vibrator...and I dare say that very thought turns Summer on...In the end, I think this was pure pleasure for our tease-loving young lady...her pussy is dripping cum when we finish with her...

Summer has been through more than a couple interesting scenes at DungeonCorp as of late...But we hadn't roped her down to a table and fucked her with a machine, so we decided to give it a go...the bondage is quite thorough and her sweet pink pussy gets rammed until it's more than satisfied...

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The English Mansion - Mistress Sidonia - Pegged In The Woods

Taken down into the depths of the Mansion Woodlands, Mistress Sidonia's slave is pegged every-which-way. She ends by placing him in a head harness with reins allowing her to humiliate him further by strapon-on fuck him while walking him round... so he is ridden and ridden.

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