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4277 - Slave Wench Strung Up
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DESCRIPTION: [/color] This is a very straight forward session; the Wench is strung up and her tits are beaten. Of course, she cries and begs, admits she is a girl and a girl and a pussy. But in the end it is really about a masochistic slave and her huge udders being beaten with a yardstick until they are swolen and bruised. No muss, no fuss, torture at its finest

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4278 - Feral Crying From The Pai
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DESCRIPTION: [/color] For Feral the pain was so bad, so quickly, that she completely broke down, sobbing and crying and wimpering. She showed that she is a broken piece of meat. The punishment was intense, as it should be for a girl like this. The clothes pins, dozens of them, bit into her soft, girlty flesh. This bitch is not a real masochist, so the pain is truly agony to her. She knows she deserves this, but the real reason she suffers is because it is amusing to the rest of us. Your amusement at the expense of this pussyhole's agony. Watch Feral suffer today

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4279 - Slave Fyre Bamboo Torture
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DESCRIPTION: [/color] Slave Fyre has the perfect girl body to torture, it is as if she simply evolved to suffer and endure the most extreme punishment and abuse. In point of fact, that is exactly the case. She is fuckhole meat, a pussy, a set of huge udders and some holes that need and deserve agony. There is pretty much nothing she won't do because she knows that is her worth. She lives to suffer and when the pussy is in HELL! that is exactly what she does. In this session, the girl is bound to a bamboo cross and tortured with electricity in various forms, including a cattle prod and shock box. This is the ultimate pain pig and you will see it only in HELL

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