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Torture / Submissive Bondage Loving Slut - Pepper Hart
« Last post by Dubaistar1 | Today at 18:27:30 »
Submissive Bondage Loving Slut - Pepper Hart

00:48:01 | 1350 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4

Pepper is back for more harsh treatment...she shows some strong submissive traits...she enjoys being tied up very much, so struggling is not her thing...she truly drinks in the bound experience, happy to be naked and restrained for me...She enjoys enduring whatever she has to endure to please her master, and she calls me master without me asking...I keep her sexy thing frame boiund all day just to gaze upon her sweetness...and punish her when I feel the need...The vibrator soothes her totally and we get to see this little bondage slut get her fill today..

Torture / "Getting Rid of Her Rival" Part 1 -
« Last post by Horny4Ever | Today at 18:16:13 »
"Getting Rid of Her Rival" Part 1 - Sex Slaver Hollywood Ambushes Rival Slaver Tilly McReese

Here is a brand new 2-part series (broken up into two parts due to the length) featuring Hollywood in a rare villainess role! Hollywood and Tilly McReese are both sex slavers, but Hollywood has a plan to rid herself of the competition. At home one day, Tilly knocks on Hollywood's door, having been invited over. Hollywood answers, and they briefly have some small business talk about the slavery business. Tilly is also involved in the transportation business, and things are very good for both of them.
Unfortunately for Tilly, Hollywood shows her true colors as to why she invited her over today...AMBUSING TILLY WITH SOMETHING! Tilly struggles but is soon put out. It appears that Hollywood has received an order for Tilly, and far be it from her to refuse a sex slavery order from a client. Not only will she profit from Tilly's sale, but she'll be ridding herself of some competition! Hollywood has Tilly (dressed in her gorgeous dress, nylons and heels) laid out on a table. She removes Tilly's shoes, and sets up some cameras and lights, as she'll be filming Tilly's helpless body for clients for the impending sale.
She uses something on Tilly MULTIPLE TIMES throughout the scene to keep her helpless OR put her out completely. She moves the camera around to get better views, and TAUNTS and TEASES Tilly throughout. When Tilly begins to mouth off (even in her helpless, groggy state, she's still a handful with a potty mouth!), Hollywood has Tilly strapped down with electrical tape, and BALLGAGGED. To keep Tilly in line, and to pay her back for her rude behavior earlier, Hollywood uses a STUN BATON and some JUMPER CABLES to TORTURE Tilly a bit, making her scream under her gag. More taunting and teasing dialogue from Hollywood.
Look for Part 2 coming in the near future...where Tilly finally escapes and turns the tables on this slaver bitch!
Category: PERIL
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Duration: 00:17:20 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.1 GB

Download - Getting Rid of Her Rival Part 1.mp4
Torture / Bobbi Starr Device Bondage 4419
« Last post by kruborg | Today at 18:07:47 »

Tags: Bobbi Starr, Blowjob, DeepThroat, Anal, Creampie, Group, Fetish, Hardcore
File Name: 0726 Bobbi Starr Device Bondage 4419
Runtime: 01:04:21.153
File Size: 432 MB
Resolution: 960x540
Audio: WMA2

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Torture / Slavery and pain
« Last post by Garant1962rant1962 | Today at 17:31:10 »
BDSM.Video selection a082

File size: 316 MB
Resolution: 1280X720
Time: 00:12:05
FileType: mp4


Size : 760 MB
Duration : 01:09:33
Format : MPEG-4
Bitrate : 1 400 kb/s
Video : 960x540
Title: Butterfly Chair Bondage

Format: MP4
Duration:  18 Min
Size:  236 Mb
Resolution: 720x480

Download - 236.0 MB
Torture / Unique BDSM fetishes - rare Bondage and Torture
« Last post by HopsTops | Today at 15:41:19 »

452 MB | 00:38:50.053 | MPEG-4 | 640x480
BDSM, torture, bondage, spanking


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Torture / 5684 - Etxreme Bloody Torture Video
« Last post by Katrin1988 | Today at 15:16:14 »

Duration: 0:12:06
File Size: 262 Mb
File Type: WMV
Resolution: 1280x720

DOWNLOAD --->>> 5684 - Etxreme Bloody Torture Video
Title: Brazilian girl's feet worship

Format: MP4
Duration:  36 Min
Size:  307 Mb
Resolution: 1280x720

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