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Torture / April 26, 2018 - Sarah Jessie
« Last post by Dubaistar1 | Today at 00:51:04 »
April 26, 2018 - Sarah Jessie

00:36:39 | 1330 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4

Tattooed Big Busted MILF in Bondage, Tormented, and Made to Cum

Sarah has been on other Kink sties before, but never has she been tied, tormented and not given any cock to distract her from the pain. Today she has to face her suffering head on, at at the hands of The Pope none the less. He doesn't go full throttle on this slut because she's new to him, and he doesn't want to break her...yet. We begin with her tied in a standing position that will eventually morph into a more complicated predicament tie. She is spanked and flogged before her pussy is made to cum uncontrollably. Next, Sarah is face down on a fuck box and she learns what foot torment feels like. She is made to beg for the bastinado and her screams prove her suffering to be real. Her mouth and pussy are fucked to close out this position. In the final scene we have her on her back with one leg up. The flogging continues and she screams louder than before, but this doesn't stop The Pope. He makes her cum more until she is begging for that to stop as well.

tags: straight, rope bondage, bondage, domination, submission, bdsm, Handler, ball gag, Fingering, Corporal Punishment, humiliation, Vaginal Penetration, athletic, blonde, flogging, MILF, pain, The Pope

Torture / Cruel BDSM which is mind-blowing
« Last post by badibanga | Today at 00:29:57 »

File Name : 7200_LisaAnn_JDeen_540p
Duration : 52 min 44 s
File Size : 576 MB
Resolution : 960x540

Title: Chloe and Lizzy - Whores Face Washed in Toilet Extreme Humiliation (1080 HD) (With Highlight)

Description: Lizzy is putting on some lipstick when Chloe enters the bathroom. Chloe feels that Lizzy should not be wasting her time trying to look pretty with makeup. She points out everything wrong with Lizzy's appearance. Chloe not only assesses all of Lizzy's flaws, she takes a marker and writes them on her body. Lizzy is very upset by Chloe's extreme cruelty and starts to cry. Chloe decides to help Lizzy out by washing her pathetic attempt to wear makeup off her face. She makes Lizzy kneel and puts her head in the toilet. Chloe holds Lizzy's head under the water with her foot. Lizzy sobs with her head in the bowl. Chloe isn't satisfied that Lizzy's face is clean enough. She holds Lizzy's head in the water of the toilet bowl a second time. Then, she kicks Lizzy out of the bathroom. Lizzy is still crying, so Chloe yells at her to toughen up. Then, Chloe takes over the bathroom mirror, so she can do her own makeup. This clip includes a bonus highlight of Lizzy and Natalya in "Trains Her Whore to Suck Cock." (6:41 long)

Format: MP4
Duration:  7 Min
Size:  513 Mb
Resolution: 1920x1080

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Torture / bdsm Training 2
« Last post by muravej | Today at 00:02:01 »
bdsm   Training 2


File Name : bdsm___Training_2
Runtime : 12 min 50 s
File Size : 349 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Audio Codec : AAC LC

Torture / Femdom,Strapon,Extrime Video Collection
« Last post by DrKuper | Yesterday at 23:45:47 »
Mistress Jennifer - Cleanup Future - Domination HD

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Femdom,Kunilingus,Facesitting,Strapon,Anilingus,Domination
Video language: English

Mistress Lyra believes all men should be used as nothing but sex slaves except she isn't the one getting fucked. She turns her slave's tight virgin asshole into nothing but a loose used up man pussy with bigger dicks every fuck. At the end of their transformation Lyra has them so cock sotted that they are begging for the pounding to never stop A delicious 58 minute anal centric treat as the all natural blonde Mistress Mika controls slut tosha under Her spiked heels. He is thoroughly tormented before his backside is used as Her personal playground. Mistress Mika delivers escalating torment with pain and pleasures. Teasing cum slut tosha with her moist wetness and Her strapped on cock, she succeeds in turning his cock, balls and ass into Her private play toys. He is going to feeling this for days to come but, due to the non-stop abuse is unable to cum at the end and Mistress Mika ends the session as cum slut tosha has lost his chance to spew from his sore cock head.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 10:00
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 3393kbps
Audio: 15kbps

File size: 251.3 MB

Download Mistress Jennifer - Cleanup Future - Domination HD
Torture / Unique BDSM fetishes - rare Bondage and Torture
« Last post by HopsTops | Yesterday at 23:45:36 »

1 023 MB | 00:46:04.660 | Windows Media | 1280x720
BDSM, torture, bondage, spanking


Download link:
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Slave for Debts

1.60 GB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 00:22:33

Download file - part1
Download file - part2
Torture / Torture and Punishment, BullWhip and Suspension, Insertions
« Last post by 0mnnium | Yesterday at 23:15:51 »

Size : 415 MB
Duration : 00:53:55
Format : MPEG-4
Bitrate : 942 kb/s
Video : 852x480
Torture / BDSM Torture Full Movies - Painful Torment, Shocking Pain
« Last post by alsmpl | Yesterday at 22:48:02 »
Power Bitches

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Femdom - F On F, Lesbian
Starring: Ashley Renee, Nikki Sinn, Olivia Outre

Never Leave Your Slave Alone With Another Mistress! The grand mistress Olivia Outre returns again, and her prized, beautiful possession and slave is the stunning Ashley Renee. However, when the sultry and sensual Nikki Sinn arrives to assist with Olivia's slave training, things get out of hand. The outraged Olivia demonstrates her endless repertoire of sensual and painful punishment, which features the incredible and relentless high-speed power-pumping piston.

Filesize: 288 MB
Duration: 01:06:41
Video: AVC (avc1), 640x480, 29.970 FPS, 477 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 48.0 kHz, 93.4 kb/s, 2 channels

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Red Apple Bottom

520 MB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:09:01

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