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Casting / Casting scenes - hot girls everyday
« Reply on: June 23, 2017, 20:08:44 »
Veronika - 2105 - 01-07-2013

Today you will be server a wonderful blonde pussycat. She’s called Veronika and she came from Pisek. Our legendary whit sofa, baptized by hundreds of C-ze-ch girls, shouted with joy when Veronika laid her ass on it. Is there was Miss Blonde of C-ze-ch Cas-ting competition this hot hairdresser would get the beauty throne. That’s for sure. At the first look she’s very decent and elegant, at the second you will be surprised by her truly amazing body. She’s amazing, loves the adrenaline from fast ride and her eyes tell you other passion is a hard cock shoved deep in her tight pussy. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend and is in love that means she won’t do more than art acts. Our cameraman prepared a faithfulness test for her. He took out his junk and put it in her hand. What will Veronika do? Will she fail the test? Will she resist or succumb? What a thrill. Let’s see how it all ends.

File Size : 423.89 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:18:44
Video : mp4, AVC (AVC), 3 035 Kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 125 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream - View File - HD720-VERONIKA-215-C.part1.rar - View File - HD720-VERONIKA-215-C.part2.rar

Spanking / Spanking Girls - Video Collection
« Reply on: June 21, 2017, 19:05:57 »
Marking My Territory - May 4, 2014

He's going for a 'guy's night' with that one friend who I just do not trust. Last time these two got together, he ended up in BIG trouble, and I'm looking to nip that in the bud this time.
I tell him that I'm going to paddle him hard, before he ever leaves the house, just in case he feels like showing his ass while he's out.
It's a hard paddling, and I want the evidence to be visible all night long.

File Size : 482.95 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Duration : 00:13:08
Video : mp4, AVC (AVC), 5 000 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 125 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream - View File - HD1080-MARK-TERR-D.part1.rar - View File - HD1080-MARK-TERR-D.part2.rar

Casting / Casting scenes - hot girls everyday
« Reply on: June 21, 2017, 12:17:40 »
Zuzana - 2104 - 30-06-2013

Watch the latest piece of art from our casting atelier. We are sure you will like it. You’ll see a girl called Zuzana, extraordinarily gifted by Mother Nature in the upper regions. She only recently celebrate her 18th birthday!!! Her problem is money, more exactly the lack of them. Can you think of any solution, Zuzana? Hard decision to make. Everything was even more complicated by the fact Zuzana was very shy and also had a boyfriend. It seemed we’ll have to agree on soft video, however Al-es, our cameraman and magician, did his bit of magic again. Zuzana couldn’t take her eyes out of him and in a while forgot how shy she was and that she had a boyfriend. As a bonus, apart from the hard cock, she got a thorough lecture on how to reach an orgasm using a dildo. Really!!! Take a look at Zuzana and her bouncing super tits! You will love this.

File Size : 483.35 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:31:19
Video : mp4, AVC (AVC), 2 029 Kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 125 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream - View File - HD720-ZUZAN-214-C.part1.rar - View File - HD720-ZUZAN-214-C.part2.rar

Spanking / Spanking Girls - Video Collection
« Reply on: June 18, 2017, 16:41:23 »
Cane Breaking Marathon Part Two - May 25, 2013 - Part 2

Part Two of The Very Bad Boy's Ca-ne Breaking Marathon Punishment.

File Size : 427.17 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:09:47
Video : mp4, AVC (AVC), 5 969 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 126 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream - View File - HD720-CA-NE-BREAK-D.part1.rar - View File - HD720-CA-NE-BREAK-D.part2.rar

Casting / Casting scenes - hot girls everyday
« Reply on: June 18, 2017, 16:26:33 »

School: Hard Knocks
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Figure: 32B-26-34
Eyes: Green
Likes: Giggling, The Color Red

When we open on Farrah you will know in 3 seconds how hot this update is going to be. She's smiling, happy and enthusiastic and blessed with a mane of red hair, perky B cups and a nice curvy ass. As J/a/y interviews her we find out that while she's a little giggly and nervous, she's really excited to shoot for E/C/G.As J/a/y converses with her he gets her to show off her perfect little B cups and her surprisingly curvy ass, as she turns to show off her booty prepare to be wowed. J/a/y does his best to shoot it and gets a lot of nice shots of her entire bod. To start he has Farrah get on her back and spread to show off her firecrotch and perfect pink puss, which she's already fingering as J/a/y gets between her legs.
It doesn't take much for Farrah to orgasm, she cums quickly and vocally for J/a/y and it's extremely hot. After her first O, she forgets her nervousness and really gets into the shoot. She gets on her knees and gives J/a/y an extremely passionate B/J with lots of ball cupping and head licking. Any viewer can see how much this girl loves sucking on a dick. Once she gets our star hard, he gets her on the bed and fucks her to several more orgasms. You can see how much she gets into the shoot by the split screen shots of her face as she gets nailed, it's incredibly sexy.
We'll certainly see more of Farrah, she's too sexy to keep a secret. She's got an amazing body from the top of her strawberry head to the bottom of her freckly feet. Not to mention she barks like a chihuahua when she orgasms and giggles like a schoolgirl during her facial. Both of which make her a natural in front of the porn camera.

File Size : 902.12 MB
Resolution : 768x432
Duration : 01:06:54
Video : WMV, VC-1 (WMV3), 1 776 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio : WMA (WMA2), 96.3 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

Spanking / Spanking Girls - Video Collection
« Reply on: June 16, 2017, 18:22:53 »
Cane Breaking Marathon Part One - May 17, 2013

The Very Bad Boy has gotten himself into trouble again, and his Wife and I have decided to make his punishment as painful as possible for him, while making it as FUN as possible for us.
So we decided on the Ca-ne Breaking Marathon.
Real punishment. Not for the squeamish.
Featuring The Very Bad Boy and his Wonderful Wife

File Size : 427.63 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:10:37
Video : mp4, AVC (AVC), 5 500 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 126 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream - View File - HD720-CANE-BREAK-P1-D.part1.rar - View File - HD720-CANE-BREAK-P1-D.part2.rar

Casting / Casting scenes - hot girls everyday
« Reply on: June 16, 2017, 12:01:01 »
Penelope - 18-03-2013

Anal, Legal Teen, Reality, Cream Pie, Talking, Casting, Amateur, Hardcore, All Sex

Penelope may have turned 18 only a few weeks ago but she already has a better head on her shoulders than most of the other girls that stop by here. She decided to make her mark in the porn world as soon as she turned legal. Luckily I'm the first guy she came across (not so lucky for her). Cute, blonde, a great cock sucker, does anal, business minded...she could go far in this biz if I was a real casting agent. After verifying her IDs I go through my usual spiel about $1000-$5000 per day. Penelope's eye light up and it's easy to get her to do whatever I want from that point forward. I sample her shaved pussy (tastes like candy) and enjoy her B/J skills, bang her on the couch and make her lick up her own pussy juice from my cock. But she needs to go the extra mile to get those modeling jobs I promised her. This means anal. Not a problem. She instructs me on which position works best for her to fuck her in the naughty hole and after some lube and fingering I glide right in to heaven. After pounding her ass like a mad man I pull out and shove my cock in her pussy to deliver an ambush creampie that oozes out of her like a mashmallow cup cake that's been squeezed too hard. She is so proud of her own performance that she doesn't bat an eye when I reveal that today's "demo tape" isn't paid and instead she'll hear back from the producers within a few weeks...

File Size : 791.49 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:34:56
Video : mp4, AVC (AVC), 3 066 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 93.6 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream - View File - HD720-PENELOPE-18-B.part1.rar - View File - HD720-PENELOPE-18-B.part2.rar

Casting / Casting scenes - hot girls everyday
« Reply on: May 13, 2017, 08:57:36 »
Melody - 02.12.2013 

Surprise nympho waitress alert! Melody is that hypersexual, validation seeking girl-next door every straight guy dreams of. When she makes herself cum on the couch as she's narrating her masturbation habits, I know she's game for anything, I throw all my lines out the window and just go for it, with zero resistance from sex addict Melody. She loves passionate fucking and pleasing and there's lots of that here. She deep-throats herself, flirts, cums, and is really in the moment at all times. As long as I keep my cock in her mouth, pussy, or ass, she's happy. So am I. Had major chemistry with Melody, I've never made out so much with any casting candidate before. Ever the pleaser, Melody takes it in the ass before catching my cum in her mouth and licking up any drops she might have missed. One of the most enthusiastic and surprising auditions of the year.

File Size : 518.25 MB
Resolution : 768x432
Duration : 00:38:22
Video : wmv, VC-1 (WMV3), 1 776 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio : WMA (WMA2), 96.1 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream - View File - SD432-MELODY-0212-B.part1.rar - View File - SD432-MELODY-0212-B.part2.rar

Spanking / Spanking Girls - Video Collection
« Reply on: May 12, 2017, 18:18:38 »
Sally - Bared And Spanked

Sally was confronted in her bed room after she foolishly arrived home over 3 hours later than she should have after school. She tried to lie her way out of the situation but when faced with the evidence she had no choice but to admit that the reason she was late was because of "messing around" with her school mates after school!
Lying and also being late home (on the dark winter night) Sally knew she was in massive trouble. Her heart sank when she was told that she would be getting her bottom smacked and smacked hard!
Still in her school out fit she reluctantly bent over the bed and then felt her knickers being lowered fully baring her lithe teenage buttocks. Then she was given a much deserved hard Spanking across her bare bottom for her naughtiness!

File Size : 435.57 MB
Resolution : 968x544
Duration : 00:07:57
Video : mp4, AVC (AVC), 7 500 Kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 126 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream - View File - SD544-SALLY-BARED-SPANK-S.part1.rar - View File - SD544-SALLY-BARED-SPANK-S.part2.rar

Casting / Casting scenes - hot girls everyday
« Reply on: May 12, 2017, 18:07:32 »
Kristyna 7911

Published : 22.06.2013
Genre: Casting, Masturbation, Oral, All sex, Creampie

Prepare your garlic, crosses, holy water and oak spikes. We are expecting an attack of a vampire beauty, probably the daughter of Count Dracula. Mysterious beauty Kristyna looks like a sexy vamp. At first we thought it was just her appearance, but when you finish watching this episode, there will be no blood in your body. Or cum, maybe? Who is this girl? 20 years old, inexperience young one who wants to be a porn star. As soon as she gets some money, she’s having her tits doubled. Dark-haired daddy’s girl who loves hard fucking, especially up her ass. Call on Van Hellsing! This horny bitch sucked off our cameraman and let him feed her hungry pussy his cum. That’s wicked. You shouldn’t miss this episode. You’ll be stiff from the terror!!!

File Size : 448.12 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:17:02
Video : mp4, AVC (AVC), 3 547 Kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio : AAC (AAC LC), 125 Kbps (VBR), 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream - View File - HD720-KRISTYNA-791-C.part1.rar - View File - HD720-KRISTYNA-791-C.part2.rar

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