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Torture / 4914 - Expert Escaping
« Reply on: Today at 09:35:50 »

DESCRIPTION: [/color] After having Kristall over for her real escape challenge clip, Master Matt decided to challenge Chrissy to an escape of her own to see how much quicker she can get free with her known escape artist skills. He wants to make it fair, but knows if he ties Chrissy the same way he did Kristall, then she would be free in no time. So ties her up tight while completely nude and barefoot, then uses an extra large ballgag for no purpose but added discomfort for poor Chrissy! She continues to try to talk through her gag as he adds one more surprise that he didn't do on Kristall, pulling her into a tight hogtie to prolong her escape attempt. Chrissy exclaims "That's not fair!" but she is all bound and gagged and can't do anything about it! She struggles around trying to loosen the ropes and find the knots, even using her bare feet to help! You can tell she is working hard to see how fast she can escape as she mmpphhs through her big red ball gag. She still feels confident that she will beat Kristalls escape time of 12 minutes, which she does by almost half! Master Matt is shocked that she was able to escape so quickly even with the added difficulty of the tight hogtie. He promises to tie her up even tighter next time so she can't possibly escape! Includes on screen tying & gagging!

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Duration: 0:12:34
File Size: 560 Mb
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080

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Spanking / 5171 - Vivian Punished by The Dean Part 2 of 2
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Duration: 0:08:12
File Size: 175 Mb
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720

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DESCRIPTION: [/color] Gorgeous blonde, Cherry Kiss plays out our flight attendant fantasies on today's in an ultra hot solo production. This scene staring the sexy Serbian entertaining herself on her layover with sensual pussy play in her hotel room is sure to become one of your favorites that you return to more than once when wanting to stroke it while watching one of the hottest babes in the biz.
The hot girl next door has just checked into her room after a long haul flight and had been eyeing a sexy passenger in first class that got her all hot and bothered that she now fantasizes over while probing around in her gorgeous shaved pussy.
Once she disrobes from her uniform we see she's got an amazing set of natural tits and a great curvy ass that are both accentuated by her colbalt blue matching lingerie set. Sliding her favorite little vibrating toy in and out for pussy insertion she gets her g-spot orgasm and then proudly shows off her great ass gape and pussy gape too much to our great satisfaction

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Duration: 0:19:11
File Size: 644 Mb
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 950x540

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Smoking / 4341 - Minarotica
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Duration: 0:07:19
File Size: 528 Mb
File Type: WMV
Resolution: 1440x1080

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Exhibitionism / 4766 - Orgy In Stage Fucking - 2017-01-27
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Duration: 0:10:01
File Size: 215 Mb
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1050x576

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Piss / 5218 - Natalia Lesson 5 Part 1
« Reply on: Today at 08:35:49 »

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Duration: 0:07:11
File Size: 59 Mb
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 720x416

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