Author Topic: Cute girls DRINK all the PISS: pee swallow extreme! Read: 2,229 times

Offline eon1991

Ok, I don't care if my links get deleted within one hour.
I will post what I have. So get them as long as they are online, please.

5003 - More Champange, Plea…rar (218,50 MB) -
5003 - More Champange, Plea…rar (476,84 MB) -

Data: 698mb, 1hr, avi, 640x480

Offline eon1991

Now I want you to listen carefully: THIS VIDEO HAS NO FUCKING COPYRIGHT!
IT WAS PRODUCED in 2010 BY A FRIEND OF MINE and GIVEN TO ME And many thousand other people at THE online COMMUNITY OPENLY AND FOR FREE. This video and the upcoming were produced PRIVATELY for the
people of Extre**-Board in 2010. NO label owns this video. I am also willing to get the producer here to
explain this and anybody reporting this file will get serious problems. THIS video was PRODUCED to be SHARED.


Download file 2267_-_pee.wmv

Basic Infos:

Type: wmv
Duration: 4:14 min
Size: 184 mb
Quality: 1280 x 720
Lang: USA

100% Amateur + privat

Offline black_underground

Thanks for the last upadtes - loved the one on all fours in the kitchen and the japanese one, alos the MAXIMUM one - too bad the black chick isn't faetured more...

Offline jo schmo

could you reup this?!

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Offline jo schmo

someone please reup thisssssssss!!

Offline eon1991

Next video:

As you know: I bring you only the best piss drinking videos
here you have some DD girls drinking literally GALLONS of piss.

I cut this video to 48 min.

1936 - peekuecut.avi

Video Infos:

Type: avi
Size: 374 mb
Duration: 48 min.
Quality: 512 x 384

Offline tower88

Hi, can someone put the am brok 1.7gig vid on keep-2-share?

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Offline eon1991

As requested!
Get this TODAY before it is deleted. You see: my files are ALL and ONLY reported from this board. Pretty sad. I have no idea why it is this way.

You asked me for Amy again: here it is.
I don't think she made any other piss drinking clip again. Very sad.

5400 - AMAZING Piss drinking Amy.part1.rar
5400 - AMAZING Piss drinking Amy.part2.rar
5400 - AMAZING Piss drinking Amy.part3.rar

1.7gig, 30min, 1920x1080, wmv

Offline eon1991

Check the previous pages for re-uploads, OK?
From now on only new material.

The great final round of the piss swallowing competition!

Try to concentrate on how their bellies are getting bigger and bigger filled with piss. There is NO other film out there reaching that level I think.

1900 - part4.avi

Video Infos:

Type: avi
Size: 167 mb
Duration: 22,31 min.
Quality: 512 x 384

Offline eon1991

Way back I promised you to bring you all
videos from the amazing Japanese label.
I somehow forgot about that plan...until
I accidentally discovered 20 (!) most amazing
multi hour very sick and extreme BDSM videos.
Now, please try to put the BDSM content aside and concentrate
on the amazing and cute girls swallowing the piss here!
It is worth it!
You might fast forward to 28 minutes here for the swallows!

4001 - Asia Extreme Piss.part1.rar
4001 - Asia Extreme Piss.part2.rar
4001 - Asia Extreme Piss.part3.rar
4001 - Asia Extreme Piss.part4.rar

Data: 2h, 640x480, 1,87gig, mp4

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Turkish Feet Tortures

File: 023.rar
Size: 122.7 Mb
Duration: 00:15:42
Password: slavegirl