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Make Money on Invites
« Topic started on: June 08, 2013, 18:41:02 »
Dear Members!

From now the registration on our forum is available by invitation only. This means you should have an invitation key to create an account on You can get your invitation key from another registered member of our forum or download it via the link directly from Registration page:

The text file with invitation key inside is available only for premium members on file hosting service. Therefore, you first have to purchase premium access to be able to download invitation key.

Is there another way to get the invitation key?

Ask your friends who are already registered on the forum to share with you the invitation key.

How to make money on invites?

If you are our registered member you can give your invitation keys to other people for free or for some compensation. This is an easy way to earn some money. Find out how many invitation keys you can generate per week.

Where can I find my invitation control panel?

Step 1. Click on main menu

Step 2. Generate new invitation key

Step 3. Manage your invitation keys

Step 4. Send invitation key to your friend

Please note that there is no need to pre-create the key before sending invitations via Email. This is stand-alone function, your invitation key will be generated automatically and attached to your message. You can also share your keys on other websites, forums, blogs, etc. This is an easy way to invite your friends to register on

Best Regards,